TOP 5 Ways To Earn Money Online- Hey Everyone, myself rankush and today our topic is how you can earn money online from home,, these are the best methods to earn money online from home. most of the famous person use these method and earn huge money .

If you are employee in any company and bored from daily routine and want some extra money by doing some interesting work from home , so this is best time for you to make money from some part time jobs. There are so many ways to earn money online but from so many there are some ways are genuine and 100% working.

TOP 5 Ways To Earn Money Online




  Today Everyone is working on youtube for earn money. Youtube is a platform to earn money with less efforts and earning of youtube is 100% legal. Youtube is not online for earning , if you will properly working on youtube you will get famous . You can make any type of video and upload on youtube and there is no limit of videos, you can upload unlimited videos. And youtube is totally free to signup and for earning.

There are some rules for youtubers that you have to upload your own content , you can not use other users content, you have to follow youtube community guidelines and there are minimum 10k views on your overall channel to start earning.



 After youtube , website is 2nd platform where you can earn so much money . For website you just need a domain and a server for hosting. today there are so many websites that giving domain and hosting for website. Some of them are





For earning from website firstly you have a good name of your website that attract your audience and express the content of your website, secondly you have so many data on your website so audience can get some extra data on your website.

Some ideas for website 

Cooking tips

wedding couple site

best of websites

poems website

coupons website

offer website




 Freelance is a platform where you can hire or get hire for a particular work or job according to your skills. In freelancing people will pay you for doing a particular task for them . People from whole world get in touch with you and the payment is 100% secure and legal . The company of freelancing will take care of your money and your data. There are so many website of freelancing but there are some trusted website popular.

Best freelancing websites




You will be hire for any type of work in which you are best and if you work properly your rank will increase and suggest to other customer.

some ideas for freelancing

data entry

video editing


logo designing

website designing

making android app



Blog is a like a website , you can write articles , story, poem anything but the content should be original . The difference between website and blog is that blog is free of cost , you dont have to buy any domain and hosting for your blog, but in blog you have to use there domain name in your domain like if you want so you will get . is most popular website for blog , you can easily get signup and there are many themes available for your blog.


Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is like promoting products of a company. When you promote a product of a company and some one buy that product from your affiliation then company will give you some commission of that product.

Affiliate marketing is very simple and easy to earn money, you have no need to make more efforts , you can create a link of any product and then share that link with your friends , family, relatives and on social media , when someone buy that product from your link then you will get commission .

some ideas to get traffic on your affiliate link

  1. you can make video on that product and give affiliate link in description
  2. you can share link on social media
  3. you can make a blog postand give link in post  and share it
  4. share link in comment where traffic is already
  5. share link in Q and A blogs


signup link for affiliate marketing





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