5 android app that gives money by doing nothing-Hey guys, i’m rankush and now i’m going to show you some great ways to earn money by doing nothing. You just use your smartphone as you use, nothing special task or downloading is needed. before started i just remind you that i’m on youtube as well, so if you like my post and want to learn something special everyday just subscribe to my channel and share my post and videos .


So there are some apps which gives you digital money . And there are-


5 Android App That Gives Money By Doing Nothing


  1. Mobilexpression

Mobilexpression is an android app . In this app you have to do nothing. Just simply download it and thats it, now it will gives you money when you use your smartphone normally. This app just understand the need and way of access your mobile and collecting the data.


Mobilexpression gives you gift cards for shopping online. It gives you amazon gift card of 200 INR. When you use this app normally every week you get 2 points in your app wallet and when you collect 10 points you can redeem it into amazon gift cards.


2. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a google company application. In this app you just have to complete surveys of 40-60 seconds . these surveys are short and about some google application and some locations. When you download this app you will start getting notification of surveys as per time.

google opinion reward

Most of the surveys is all about google other applications. Some times you get nothing for completing the survey but its happen 1 or 2 times in 10. It gives you google credit for purchasing the paid app from play store and you can use paid feature of any game or application by using these credits.


3. Slidejoy

Slidejoy is a lock screen app which gives you money for unlocking your mobile normally. So every time when you unlock you mobile screen you will earn some points in your slidejoy app but earning points will show at 10:30pm everyday.



In slidejoy , app show you some news or ads on your mobile lock screen and you can slide the newsfeed lift or right to unlock or read the news . You can also earn by downloading the app show on lock screen if interested otherwise you can earn by simply unlocking screen. You can redeem your earning in paypal cash.


4. Slide

Slide is a lock screen app which show you latest news and promotions on your mobile lock screen. In this app you will earn points when you unclock your mobile and then you can convert these points into INR and redeem the converted money by wallet.


Slide gives you more option to redeem your money through wallet like paytm, mobikwik, and freecharge . and if you like to direct recharge your mobile number then this app allow you to do that as well. There are some app for download to earn more cash but if you are not interested then use other method for earning.


5. BitMaker

BitMaker app gives you bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital currency which you can earn online and use online. There are many apps available which convert your bitcoin into INR and gift cards. And you can also transfer your bitcoin earning to your bank accounts .


BitMaker app gives you points in every 30 minutes after downloading the app and you can use booster to earn in every 10 minutes. Every 30 minutes later it gives you a notification when you open that you will see 1 ad on your mobile screen and then you earn some points.


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